A Carmonian Congressman

By Toti, 21 May, 2010, 2 Comments

From humble beginnings like our hometown of Carmona herself, a national star is rising —- Atty. Roy M. Loyola — 1st Carmonian Congressman – 5th District of Cavite. Borrowing from the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child”, Roy was born and raised in our once sleepy town of Carmona and like most of us, his upbringing was influenced by the whole Carmona community. He is indeed the pride of our hometown and may his past, current, and future successes inspire all of us.

 Let us send him off to Congress to represent all of us with our very best wishes that his humanitarian initiatives will be mostly  unopposed, and the challenges that will come his way are only those that are manageable.

 GODspeed Congressman Roy!

 PS – quick update on our fundraising plans – some of us will be meeting with propective recipients of our donations in the next couple of months, i.e., Carmona Elem. School, etc., to identify opportunities to help. We’ll keep you posted and hopefully with the Ayala Foundation tie up that I mentioned in previous blog, we’ll make it happen. More detailed information to follow – looking forward to your active participation.

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    If you want to personally congratulate Congressman elect Roy, he and his family is arriving on monday till june 5. We will be attending a grad party in castaic (Dennis Residence) on June 29. Beth & Dennis are extending their invites to all carmonians for a grad and get together party.

  • Amor

    Congratulations to our kababayan Congressman Loyola. May the Lord keep you and bless you in all your endeavor.

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